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What sort of vacation do you deserve?

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Jane Batson-Wright Services

Romantic Breaks

Our romantic package includes:

  • A beautiful villa with private pool for 3 nights
  • Champagne, Strawberry and Chocolate Welcome Package
  • Bottle of Wine, salad and Steaks will also be in the refrigerator for you to start the barbecue and have an al fresco meal by the pool
  • A reservation at the Pisces Rising Restaurant at Mount Dora, for you to have a romantic meal on the deck overlooking the lake.

The drive to the restaurant will take you about one hour, so you might be asking why we are sending you so far out? It’s simply because we have eaten there personally and know the quality is amazing and the romantic atmosphere will make this a meal to remember. Lake Magazine in 2006 voted Pisces Rising as "the best of the best": Best Waterfront, Best Fish Dinner, Best Place for Dessert, Best Meal Worth the Drive, Best Seafood, Best Restaurant to Eat Outdoors, Best Romantic Spot, Best Chef. To say they liked it would be an understatement, but we have to agree, this is a lovely place well worth the time and effort. Why not make a day of it? Start off with a nice drive to Mount Dora along the scenic route, stroll around the quaint shops with the warm sun on your face, stop at the small tea rooms or just have a walk along the lakeside enjoying each other’s company before heading off for your romantic meal on the deck overlooking the lake as you listen to the music of the evening’s live band.

**Additional items such as floral bouquets, attraction tickets, alternative restaurants etc. can be arranged for an additional charge**